• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Hope you all had a great summer.

So grab a cup of coffee and get cozy because this is probably end up being a longer blog.

Rewind back to mid June this year, I toke the leap of faith and put in my notice to leave my part time job on a leave of absence. Once that was accepted, oh my, all the traveling started. In all honesty, I love to travel. It has always been a part of my life since I was small kid that I can remember. First I traveled to Bear Lake for some camping, second, moved back home to Ontario for half then the summer, and finally third, up to Northern BC, Yukon, and Alaska. And now California on Friday. It's crazy where this leap has taken me this year.

I started working with companies, small businesses, and brands back in mid August 2017. Now September 2019, I'm still working with a few of those companies, small businesses, and brands but decided to join a few new ones and say goodbye to a few others. I left the ones on the right foot. On top of that, I'm running 3 businesses. Nomad Adventures Co will be 2 years old on November 27 this year, Nomad Advt Co Photography I started in May and Monat in June.

(hair consultation quiz: https://forms.gle/PRWrv1xHjJRWSZ6JA )

With now doing this as a side hustle that is making me commission and experience new opportunities, I never thought it I was going to be doing this. To be honest and especially doing all this with the success with only doing it for less then 2 years. Like mind blown.

So how do you find your drive? Here are few tips and tricks that have helped me over the years.

1. Make a list of all your goals that you want to conquer, what you are passionate about, what your hobbies are then what are your interested in. Having these main categories will help you to dive into that drive a bit easier.

2. Search around the different social media platforms to see if any account will fit the lists you have made. Once you found them, see if they have any ambassador type programs and apply.

3. If one of the things you wrote down was photography or blogging then create a website. Because it’s one of the best places to post about your business, it’ll draw in a new form of audience.

4. If you are starting and creating your own business, whatever it may be, create separate social media platforms for them. And if you are meshing your brand and business together, come up with a name that will express both.

5. Most importantly, figure out what your lifestyle is truly about and what your brand is about. Once you figure this out, it will seriously help you narrow down the lists you have made.

6. Reach out to different companies, small businesses, and brands to see if they like to do a collab with your business. When you do this, you will be bring in a audience from both accounts, then in return, you and the company will be growing. Growing in new opportunities and success.

7. Learn to express yourself in your content that you post. Expression will help that drive get going down this new road of opportunities.

I will say these top seven is has helped me to get where I am today with running this three businesses. Yes, I know it may seem crazy to be running that many but I love that hustle and go-getter feeling.

So get out there and explore those new open doors that are starting approaching you!

P.S. Blogtober starts October 1st!



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