• Meg McClymont


This was the first blog post I created for Contour Creative blog section on their website. Enjoy :)


When you travel, they say travel with an open mind. In reality and from experience, you must travel with an open heart in order to have a truly open mind.  Traveling is the best way to discover what our souls are capable of and who we are as an individual.

Our main question in life is “Who are we supposed to be?”.

With that question in mind, we start to realize that question has been with each one of us since birth. It is when we go through a deep moment of self-doubt or have lost someone dear to us. For me, the my-self journey really started when my Grandpa Forbes passed away in 2007. He was my rock, the person I always went to for answers to my questions, like a father figure to me, and my enco

urager to push me to achieve what I want and needed to achieve but made sure I stayed ground and stayed true to myself.

So, I set off on a my-self journey to who I’m supposed to be. I started with living in British Columbia full time and going back home to Ontario from time to time. Every time I go home, I’m able to find the answers to the questions I have running around in my mind that have been driving me crazy. I found those answers that I have been searching with an open heart and not with an open mind.

Go back and start searching for the answers with an open heart first because our heart truly knows what we want and need in life. If you want to go travel and see the world or certain places don’t let your mind over think that. Just go for it, you’ll be amazed at what happens and what you learn. If you let your mind think first, it’ll have a funny way of “playing tricks” with you. And you definitely don’t need that when you want to be a creative nomad and explore.

It’ll take practice to start listening with an open heart first then it’ll involve a truly open mind.  A truly open mind is when the mind finally gives up “playing tricks” and starts agreeing with what the heart wants. It takes practice, mediation, and determination to get there. I know you all have the strength to do so.


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