• Meg McClymont

DEAR 2019

I know we are just meeting for the first time. And that you have so many plans in store for me, some that will agree with what I already have in mind and some that will take me down new roads that I will not be expecting you to throw at me.

I will learn to accept what is given to me this year and learn not to question the challenges that you make me face. Not everything will go according to plan but that's the adventure that comes with it. Finding the adventure to a new fresh start, clean slate, no drama, no worries, no open loops, etc. Everything is starting over again. Starting over again to give us a new chance to reinvent ourselves and to rediscover new areas of ourselves that we missed last year.

This year, let 2019 help you find a way back to your own heart. Your own heart to who you are truly as a person. Find new ways to connect to yourself and learn to listen to yourself again. Move towards what feels good to you and move with the questions that surround you. The guidance of the new year will help you find your "why" to why you are being called to the opportunities that come your way and that present themselves to you. Learn to accepted and express your vulnerability for others shouldn't stand in your way of you creating a life that speaks and calls for you.

Let this year guide you and not let you stand in it's way of the amazing and surprising plans it has for you.



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