• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I hope you all are doing good.

I wanted to create this post to help you set up a routine that will start your day off easier and your nights a lot smoother. So how do you go about creating a routine? Simple, first look at your schedule for the week you are heading into. Are there any alarms that might be set and anything that you need to prep that night before? By figuring out what little reminders need the attention first, you have completed the first step of setting up your routine.

Second, let’s look into what you like doing as soon as you get out of bed before you head out the door. What do you do when you get home from wherever to when you go to bed. By having this as your “blueprint“, you can set up your routine with more detail.

Third, figure out if there are any essentials that you need to help you through your routines. Like a lunch kit so you have lunch ready to go, a water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your day, backpack, school bag, or work bag ready to go the night before; just little things can make your night/ morning a lot easier. Make a list of the essentials you'll be needing. By figuring out what essentials you rely on, you can see if you need to go and grab some of them because you ran out or if you want to start incorporating them into your routines.

Fourthly, have a backup routine in place. This is important especially if there are nights you are getting home late from your day or running late in the morning time. Create a mini blueprint and the essentials to make this mini "procrastination" routine work. Having this in place should reduce some of the stress you are feeling when this occurs.


1. Takeya water bottle

2. Lunch kit

3. Work bag (the work bag that I use, the link is longer working so here is another option for you all)

4. Seaweed facewash (helps me to wake up in the morning by the cooling feeling it gives afterward)

5. Vitamin B12 strips for energy

6. COFFEE (this is a must for sure no questions asked)

7. Planner

YouTube video ideas/ recommendations for being productive for morning and night.

I hope you all have a good week.



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