• Meg McClymont


We know when things have to change when our attitude and behavior because an issue for yourself and starts effecting the others around you. You are the only one that understands to why this is happening. So take the time to understand what changes truly need to be made.

Start changing up your style or look to help boost the new change you want to embrace. The one thing you can do is change your habits because those have the most effect on your attitude and behavior to what and whom is around you.

I know you have all notice that I have been changing things up with my uploading schedule, posting not as often, the change in website domain, rebranding NAC, and some other changes that will be coming soon. The reason to why things started changing because I have lost my confidence in the past and finally feeling like I have started getting it back. It's not at 100% yet but I'm starting to be okay with that. And it was my grandpa's 7 year anniversary to him passing on November 11th. He was one of my best friends and we were so close. So many wonderful memories that I will always cherish. He taught me one of the biggest lessons is follow your heart and pursue your dreams that you want to happen. My grandpa has taught many things during the time he was here.

And going home this summer has taught myself that when change comes into view, it comes into view for a reason. Find the reason or reasons and go with it, to form into someone that you need to become for the better. Embrace the rebranding for what will come out of it.

I feel like before 2019 happens, things need to be change and rebranded.



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