• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Hope all of you are having a good summer so far. I wanted to pop on here and share some of my business tips, tricks, hacks, advice, or whatever you like to call it.

After and now running 3 of my own businesses, I have learnt A LOT over almost 2 years of doing this. I continue to be involved in partnerships, ambassador programs, enthusiast programs, affiliate programs, and mentoring/ coaching other small businesses out. Being a Social Media Influencer & Marketer + Content Creator through it all, you gain a type of knowledge that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t doing this a job.

This new business is filled with and involves training, having and building a team, doing 1-1 business calls, team calls, keeping up with everything + asking for help in the group chats, etc. My 3rd business; I’m so grateful that I now have a team because before I was feeling stressed about doing everything myself.


1. Have ALL of your business information: training guidelines, company rules, marketing guideline, selling and advertising guideline, product details, information links on how to go about something, quizzes • all on Google Docs, Forms, PowerPoint, and Drive so you and your team can excess it

2. Keep all your business receipts and investment paperwork because you can claim it for income tax

3. Switch to a business account on Instagram and have a category title under your header name

4. Have your group chats in Facebook messenger or iMessage group chat. Or do both because sometimes your phone number won’t let you join an iMessage group chat.

5. Have your sponsor and mentor’s phone number so you can reach them when you don’t have wifi and are low on data.

6. Download the app to whatever website your are using to run your business. (for me, I used Wix so I have downloaded that website app)

7. Create a business account on Pinterest to save all the inspiration for your business.

8. Post on Instagram and Facebook stories to spread the word.

9. Use Canva to create your stories, advertising, and marketing posts.

10. Switch to Linkt.ee to have excess to all your links then put that in your Instagram bio.

11. Put your hashtags in the comment section. Have at least 10 but a max of 30.

12. Your stories should based on 3 things: Business, Personal & Lifestyle, and a mix of both.

13. YouTube is your friend when you run into something with your business and you don’t know how to go about it and fix it.

14. In a notebook, create categories for all the hashtags that you use for Business + Personal & Lifestyle. It will help coming up with hashtags a lot quicker.

15. In that notebook, have all your notes from: your calls, what you discuss with your clients, what you talked about with your team, recommendations, links, tasks, etc. This helps you keep organized when you don’t have your laptop

on you.

16. Use zoom for all your team and sponsor calls.

17. Schedule your calls in advance because you are able to plan your schedule in advance.

18. Get a planner and create your month by taking a max of 3 hours to plan it all out. Trust me, it will help you in advance when the unplanned comes along like appointments, time with friends/ family/ significant other, and travel plans,


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