• Meg McClymont


Updated: Jan 15

Hey Nomad Crew.

Happy New Year! I hope this year you will be successful and achieve new heights. That you will jump for those opportunities that become present to you.

So, in this blog post today, I will be discussing my tips, tricks, and hacks to become and stay debt-free. While being able to travel. This is a common question that I get asked my viewers and followers a lot. A lot of you are wondering how I was able to travel for 4 months with quitting my part-time job before that crazy but wonderful adventure began.


  1. figure out how much your bills are going to be for each month then start saving towards them from your paycheques

  2. looking into any deals or cheaper plans your phone provider and insurance may be offering

  3. make sure you stay on top of paying off any owning amount on your credit card(s)

  4. how much to need to save up for the adventure you planned out and if you are going to be doing any shopping as well

  5. starting a side hustle to bring in extra money to help you along the way

  6. any extra dollar bills and change you have set that money aside in a mason jar and then count it before you leave on your adventure. it will amaze you how much will be in there

  7. sell your clutter - clean your room, closet, office, and house to see if there is anything that you're not using or don't wear anymore post them on facebook buy and sell page then use the money to pay off any debt and put some into the mason jar

  8. look into reward systems that will give you a discount or free items once hit a certain amount of points - example will be Starbucks star program, download the app and upload a Starbucks gift card that you can reload and earn stars towards free food and drinks plus other great benefits this way you have a set amount that you know you can only spend at that location

  9. see if your credit card(s) have any benefits to them which can be used towards your adventure

  10. budgeting is so important because if you price out a rough estimate of how you wanna spend at a place (accommodation, food, and gas) that will help you not overspend and be able to use some of the left more money for an experience you want to do in that location

I hope these few advice points help you out with planning any adventures this year.



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