• Meg McClymont


As I sit in my car curled up in a blanket, on a beaten dirt road in the middle of where outside of the town I'm currently living in. I watch the changing of the moon go from a beautiful off white colour to an eerie blood red colour. This eclipse and blood wolf moon, come together to show us change is okay. That we should except the changing of new and beautiful things to create the art of walkover. That when there is a first time to take advantage of something, I say take it because that advantage to you may never come again. This year is all about learning to take what comes to you in full advantage, learning to accept the offerings that are represented to you. To find the walkover to everything that is going to be represented to you. To find the white within the red. Meaning to find the light in the dark. We are presented this uniqueness of creative ways to explore our own given path to flourish and manifest to what lies beneath the wall of worries and doubts. I say grab a sledgehammer and break through that wall to let that small shining light grow and become brighter. This blood wolf moon has taught that where there is something watching, protecting, and guiding you everywhere you go on your life journey. Once you learn to tune in with these three, you learn to accept what they are presenting and giving you in the form of messages, detours, new or old places to go to or back to. Be curious and bold, if it makes you vulnerable then judge it to see if it will affect you if not continue onwards.



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