• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

This is something that I was debating on writing but I guess it needs to be said. I don't want this post to come off the wrong way and trying not to offend people.

So with this line of work with being a photographer, blogger, social media influencer, and content creator; there is a lot of expectations that come from it but a lot of the reality isn't seen. It's hard to explain this if you aren't in this line of work but I will try my best.

We have days that are productive and busting out work that makes us happy for what we do. And don't get me wrong, we are grateful this is our job but we also have hard days. This is how we pay our bills, go on trips and adventures, and get the experiences and opportunities we get. Yes, it may look like all fun and excitement. But when it comes to reality, sometimes it's not.

What I mean by this is there are people who will get offended or judge quickly by what we post then start making things up. Or jump to conclusions. And then we have to post explaining what we meant. I hate that there are times I have to explain myself for what I'm posting and working on. Like if we are working on something that will help you all out in some way and it has been working progress. But if you see it has "copying" what you're working on. It's not copying, it's just we are ready and at the time to share it. We never will know what others are thinking or working on behind the scenes before it's shown.

But if people are going to be rude and get offended about this whole "copying" shit or thinking we are doing "similar things" as them then fine unfollow me and leave your nose out of my business and others business as well who are doing this. Like there will be people who are doing "similar things" that follow each other for support but keep their mouth shut and not put their two cents in. Because we are allowed to be creative, all expressing it in our own way that works for our business.

Not all of us want to share the reality of things because it means we have to be vulnerable in a sense it may backfire on us. And there are times we have to block brands and companies as well because of their messages "to work with them" has a shit ton of red flags in it or they are just being overly pushy for what they want.

The expectation of this is so called "perfect work life" is actually not perfect. We all have our days and moments. So overall be kind and patient with us.



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