• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Welcome back to Blogtober day 4 where this one will be all about autumn outfits. I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. But you can spice them up depending on your style and the weather depending on where you live.

  1. cardigan, leggings. t-shirt, and flats or converse

  2. cardigan, ripped jeans. t-shirt or tank top, booties or converse, and a jacket

  3. hoodie, leggings, and flats or converse

  4. flannel, leggings, t-shirt or tank, and flats or booties

  5. dress, booties or converse, and flannel or jacket

  6. mini skirt, tights, booties, jacket, and bodysuit

  7. knitted sweater, leggings or jeans, and booties

  8. windbreaker jacket, bodysuit, jeans or leggings, and rain boots

  9. sweater, vest, jeans or leggings, and booties or converse

  10. leggings, jean jacket, pullover hoodie, leggings, and converse

*converse shoes can be switched out for any other type of runners or knee high boots if you want.

I hope you liked this post and has given you some ideas to stay cozy this autumn.



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