• Meg McClymont


Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hey Nomad Crew, welcome back for day 4 of Blogtober.

In this post, I going to be discussing with you all the fun but also spooky activities you can do this month.

•Let's start•


1. Haunted Houses: I love a good haunted house that will scream you and make you hold onto whomever you brought along.

2. Haunted Corn Mazes: If you haven't done one of these before, they are more scary then the haunted house. Your anxiety and panic levels are much higher. But it's the thrill that keeps you going.

(Here in British Columbia-Canada, just outside of Quesnel, you can experience both of these)

3. Movie night only watching thrilling and honor movies.

4. Have a bonfire and tell spooky stories

5. Visit and explore a ghost town


1. visit and pick apples at a orchard

2. carve pumpkins

3. visit the farmer's markets

4. visit a festival

5. roast marshmallows and make s'mores

6. make a hot cup of soup

7. baking

8. thanksgiving

9. have a picnic

The activities are endless for both of these categories. So find out what activities you can do in your local area.



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