• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew. Welcome to day 3 of blogtober.

This is all about those comfort foods. I will be giving you a list of cozy recipe ideas that you can make this autumn and on those days the weather is a bit colder. I know we all love a good comfort and a warm meal to keep us warm and cozy during this time.

I always splurge on eating more comfort and cozy foods during the colder months. Up here in Northern BC, the weather starts getting colder around the end of July to Mid August but it's more like hoodie weather during this time.

If you have any comfort foods you like, I would like to hear about them so put them in the comments below.

Here is my list of comfort and cozy recipes:

  1. butter chicken and naan bread

  2. soup

  3. shepherd's pie

  4. mac and cheese

  5. beef or chicken stew

  6. tuna casserole

  7. lasagna

  8. chili

  9. corn chowder

  10. spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread

  11. stir fry

Sorry if this post made you hungry and wanting to go cook.



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