• Meg McClymont


Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hey Nomad Crew.

Next up is all about Autumn Essentials!

If you are interested in some of these products that I list, please take the hair consultation quiz so I can recommend you the right products.

I find there are some go-to and vital essentials that we all gravitate towards. So here are mine and a few you might wanna try or be interested in.

1. Modern Nature products: (hair consultation quiz)

* Restore Leave-In Conditioner - to help with the dry weather

* Junior Detangler

* Replenish Hair Masque - to help fix and repair plus add hydration to your hair

* All natural and vegan based shampoo and conditioner

* Rejuvaquine Oil - aka liquid gold

2. Candles - sweater weather and crisp morning air are my two favourite one from Bath and Body Works

3. Scarves

4. Flannel Jackets

5. Birkenstocks

6. IT Cosmetics CC Foundation

7. IT Cosmetics Foundation brush (helps buff out thicker foundations plus it has a concealer brush on the other side)

8. Pumpkin spice coffee (hot cup of comfort in the morning)

9. Contour Creative fleece hoodie (and apparel)

10. Fleece zip hoodies

11. Four Sigmatic chaga elixirs to help fight any colds or sinus problems plus great for digestion.

12. Knitted sweaters

13. Thick cotton p,j. bottoms

Hope you enjoy these essentials I have listed for you all, Click on the links I have provided you to get your hands on these products as well.



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