• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew, for this pre autumn road was to Kelowna, Canim Lake, and Vancouver. This season of road tripping was definitely interesting with everything going but still keeping safe. And I’m lucky that I was able to take a good chunk of the summer off to work for myself again and explore these areas.

This road trip of adventures, I was working on figuring what content I can create for the blog, working on my photography business, and mentoring my clients. Gaining new insight into how I can grow everything plus help my clients achieve a higher success so they can have a great push off to allow more freedom in their lifestyle.

So during this road trip, I had the realization and moment of “is this my job now” was at Canim waterfalls, and man you would be mind blown how beautiful it was. That moment I realized that my job allows me to capture all these amazing views and have the experiences plus opportunities I’m given just makes me beyond grateful and blessed. And I’m grateful for my certification from college in Hospitality Fundamentals with Tourism and Business also allows me to do this as well.

Just being outdoors, creating content, and traveling around by being in different places helps me find new inspiration and ideas that I can bring to the table. And what I can offer you guys. So with traveling to these different locations gave me a new outlook for my businesses and so much inspiration. Just being on the road with no set game plan when you are out exploring is the best type of adventure I think. Don’t you think so?



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