• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I'm surprised how fast this Blogtober went by. I started working on the content for this back in August this year. This series always takes the most time to write and plan. I say this because I need to come with new content that I haven't posted the year before and trying to come up with creative ideas.

Next year, I'm not sure and still debating with I want to do this series or take a break from it. Also, the other reason why I'm not sure is that I don't know my work schedule for businesses yet. So I will keep you all posted on what the game plan is.

But to wrap up this yearly series, first off I hope you all enjoyed the content that got posted and the video over on YouTube. On the other note, I only missed 2 uploads that got posted late which isn't bad. Knowing that I think it's because I created the upload schedule around what worked for my schedule which definitely worked better.

So now let's welcome the winter and the beauty of the sparkling snow.



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