• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew. Welcome to the beginning of Blogtober 2020.

This is this year's Blogtober video that I created when I was up towards the North end of British Columbia last week. Hope you all enjoy it! Remember to like and subscribe. The support truly helps me and helps the channel grow.

A little back story to why I created Blogtober was I wanted to add something new to the blog and something that will express my love for the autumn time. Something to give off the warm and cozy vibe of that feeling every time you go home. That's what I wanted this series to feel like. Also, a way for you to express autumn in your own way.

I know I said there will be 11 days this year but I realized one of the topics I was planning on doing, I did it last year. So this year there will be 10 days plus I will still be doing the Reflection series on top of this! So that will be like extra Blogtober content coming at you this month. So I hope all of you will enjoy that. I was thinking of stopping it for this month but decided to keep it cause I'm starting to love the Reflection series again. But seeing how much of an impact it has made on you all, I decided to keep it in.

So let's start this spooky and cozy season. Again, thank you for joining and welcome if you are new! Also, Reflection week 27 will be combined with Blogtober Day 7 and will be uploaded on Monday instead of Sunday. Reflection posts are uploaded on Sunday's for everyone that is new here.

Also, do you like this year's title block?

Here is the schedule for this month's posts:



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