• Meg McClymont


Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hey Nomad Crew.

I'm so excited it's finally autumn. This year I have decided to do BLOGTOBER, there will be 15 blog posts this month. All autumn themed, so get cozy and enjoy.

Autumn is my favourite season because of the rustic and vintage colours are expressed in my lifestyle. And growing up, all the autumn activities evolved around that theme. We had a fair that was 1980 themed and oh my goodness, it was so much fun.

I heard that autumn is pretty much everyone's favourite season, so it's a win win situation.

So grab some candy corn, a pumpkin spice latte and let‘s cozy up in that flannel blanket. Because, here is the load down of dates BLOGTOBER will be live. So mark your calendar for these dates:

1. today

2. Oct 3

3. Oct 5

4. Oct 7

5. Oct 9

6. Oct 11

7. Oct 12

8. Oct 14

9. Oct 16

10. Oct 18

11. Oct 21

12. Oct 23

13. Oct 24

14. Oct 27

15. Oct 31


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