• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Here we are, doing another independence themed blog post. You all have been loving this series, which makes me happy to know. Happy to know that I'm able to help you in this world of being an adult and finding ways to be smart with your purchases, getting the right discounts and memberships, and how to correctly support yourself.

1. Have a calendar on your phone

- I recommend the app Readdle. Instead of the calendar that Apple provides you. Having your calendar on your phone can be easier to see what you have going on during the day. Plus double check those appointments you might have during the day.

2. Invest in a good phone case

- Investing in a strong and protective case can prevent the damage and repair charges if you drop or break your phone. I recommend Speck or Otterbox.

3. Keep Tylenol and other medications in your purse or car

- You never know what may flair up.

4. Free music?

- Download Tubify instead of wasting money on Apple music and Spotify.

5. Food & Drinks

- Keeps a drink and snacks in your car or purse with you so you aren't spending extra on take out.

6. Credit Cards

- See if your bank will allow to get a second credit card because investment and will help you boost your credit score. Then if you do get approved for a second one, split it into two categories of bills and expenses.

7. Spare Clothing & Mini Toilet Kit

- Have a couple extra outfits and a mini toilet kit made up. By having this in your vehicle will allow to prepared to spend the night in a different location if you are doing a day trip and something happens, spending the night at a friends place, or you need to change your clothes at work because they got dirty in some way. So your outfits should comfy, casual, and business attire. Having three different options means you are set for whatever may happen. The mini toilet to help you freshen up. But also remember to include extra undies, bra (girls - one sports bra and normal/ strapless bra), and socks too.

I have do a separate blog post on independent habits that you should follow each and every single day. Habits can help you improve in the simplest of ways.


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