• Meg McClymont


Updated: May 1, 2019

Hey Nomad Crew.

Well since the last "How To Be Independent" blog post was a big hit, I thought I would do a part 2.

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So let's get started.

  1. Get a Costco membership - the gold star one is only $60.00 for a year (that works at to be $5.00 a month)

  2. Know your credit score - will help you investment into bigger purchases

  3. Have multiple bank accounts at different banks - I'm currently with two different banks (INVESTMENT, INVESTMENT, INVESTMENT)

  4. Know the percentage of how much you insurance company (ies) will cover and reimbursed you back

  5. See if your work offers any discounts

  6. Look into stores and restaurants that offer a points/ rewards system -being able to get a free or discounted item after so many points/ rewards you have up

  7. Find/ get coupons for items that you will purchase

  8. Get a small book for your vehicle to keep track of your gas amount per liter, how much it costed you to fill up, keep track how many kilometers you drove since you last filled up, the town/ city name that you filled up in, when you got something changed, fixed, or replaced, etc (keeping track can help judge when you need to check or replace a part in your vehicle plus help you budget better for when gas prices change)

  9. Have a mini toilet kit and makeup bag, extra outfit, towel, jacket, and shoes ready to go in your car - you never know when you need to spend the night at a friend's place or take a road trip somewhere but don't want to drive back because you feel a little tired

  10. Have cash in your wallet, you never know when the debit/ credit machines will be down

  11. Seasonal Subscription Boxes - allows you to try new products without fully investing. Fab Fit Fun has the solution to this. (Use my link to get $10 off your first box - http://xo.fff.me/mhE-7 )

*Fab Fit Fun Seasonal Subscription Boxes allows you to personalize the box to your needs. You can pay for each season each time it's about to come out or do the annual payment and pay for the 4 boxes right up front. The products come from full size to travel size products.

You can also choose add on's that will be discounted for 30-70% off the original price you will find in stores. With each box, you are treating yourself for all the hard work you have done that season!


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