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Hey Nomad Crew.

I was brewing ideas for new blog posts that I wanted to post on the blog and one that I thought was cool and unique was writing an old blog post that never got published. I have this tendency of writing posts and never posting a few of them because at the time I felt like they weren't good enough. But now blogging for almost 3 years and managing clients with them starting their own blogs, my advice to them is to create and write those unique and out of the box idea blog posts like this.

The best posts come from you being creative, thinking outside of the box, and exploring different topics with the categories that you have chosen for your blog. So this post I'm going to tell you what I started writing for it and then continue it into a wrap up finished post. Now the interesting part comes to see how this old post is going to be transformed into a new and properly formed post...

Your goals, tasks, and dreams all come at a cost. Everything comes with pros and cons. So always make sure you choose how you are going to FIGHT for these 3 topics. Everything takes time but if you make a deadline - it will help you FIGHT harder to complete these 3 topics. Believe in these 3 topics and yourself. Accomplishment comes in many forms. It's time to start from the bottom and work your way to the top aka "the start effect". Do stairs for each one and how you will FIGHT to reach the top. That method is completely up to you.

So reading this you are probably thinking what are the 3 topics? Well, when I was reading and typing this out, I was stumped but then I figured it out. Can you figure it if you read it out loud and slowly to yourself?

The 3 topics are:

  1. everything takes time

  2. accomplishment comes in many forms

  3. start from the bottom

(So continuing on)

If you have a vision for yourself and you really want it. Start by figuring out why you want to make this lifestyle change. Is because you want a change for a more fulfilling and freedom based living or is it because you are tired of living paycheque to paycheque plus feeling drained. Whatever your reasons may be, start with making a list of the reasons that you want to change your life and lifestyle for the better. For me my 5 main and wanting to take the leap reason were:

  1. passion to serve others to help them reach their potential

  2. freedom to travel more

  3. always been creative-driven

  4. had an eye for vision and capturing

  5. self-taught through a lot of things growing up

Find your authentic reasons to find the crazy courage of 3 seconds to just say yes and to start the battle of becoming successful. Success doesn't happen overnight, it takes months on months of hard work and dedication to reach the level that it starts becoming mind blown impressive to you. At the beginning of January 2020, I started with roughly 1583 views on the blog after only blogging for 26 months of blogging. Fast forward to July 2020 and now blogging for 32 months, I'm now at 93,840 views. So close to 100K! I have fought the battle harder and more hungry for success. Which allowed me to work for myself again for the 2nd summer in a row. This time I decided to work for myself for one month instead of three and a half.

If you are hungry for something that will change your life for the better and will allow more doors to open, then take the leap. Just go for it because the battle is waiting for you to choose and fight. So many of my clients are happy and eager to reach new heights with their blogs.


  1. I Lived by One Republic

  2. Go Hard or Go Home by Wiz Khalifa

  3. Jump by Mac Miller

  4. Live Your Life by T.I. ft Rhianna

  5. Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

  6. Hollow by My Buddy Mike ft Sabelle

  7. It's Time by Imagine Dragons

  8. Believer by Imagine Dragons



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