• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Sorry, but I needed to take a small break from the blog. August and all of this year were catching up to me and I just needed to take a step back. To regain my footing and to focus on clearing my mental health. This is so much has been going on this year that I'm just at the point I'm done with 2020 and looking forward to the new year.

Yes, the adventures have been amazing and both my businesses are doing great. But on the personal side of things, I just beyond fed up. And now being in a walking air cast boot from spraining my ankle badly with pulled ligaments and tendons for 6 weeks while it heals.

This year is definitely teaching me a lot of lessons and trust me, I'm hearing them loud and clear. And don't want any more lessons because I already have my hands full just from the beginning of this year to now. I just need to take a trip home and to step back from everything, no social media, and no work for at least a week to heal my mind and to find my grounding again.

Not being able to go home this year has really taken a toll on me and a lot of my family and friends have noticed. Going home is good for the soul and mind. Home is where you can run to and get rid of the problems you are facing. Home is your best friend that will welcome you with open arms.

Other than that, I have been working on a new website for my photography business that goes more in depth with my work and everything that goes behind the scenes. It was something that I realized I need to do in order for my photography is to grow on its own. And I'm proud how much my photography business has grown in just in 1 year. On top of that, N.A.C. is turning 3 years old at the end of November,

I never thought that I would be blogging for this long but it has allowed me to grow my confidence in a whole new way and allowed me to experience so many speechless opportunities that have blown my mind. Like creating some products with a company, working (still am) with a company with more of behind of the scenes stuff, and being apart of a company that the owner is a true inspiration. And then discount links through companies just by using their products and services.

There is so much that can come from saying yes to something that will change your life for the better. Yes, there will be days you will have ups and downs but it's worth the vulnerability and scared moments of asking yourself if you made the right choice. But jump in with both feet and go with the flow. You can do it.



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