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Hey Nomad Crew.

This is post is going to be sponsored and collaboration with No Caf.

No Caf The Focus Blend is all about a blend you can achieve a smooth boost of mental performance without the jitteriness and anxiety that sometimes comes along with a strong cup of coffee.

Their partners use the world’s first recycled heat roaster – which is better for the environment and the flavor of the coffee. Which means they are truly a Certified B Company. Don’t know what that means, well here is the information you need to know. Certified B corporations are businesses that meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance, public, transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine the meaning of success in the business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy source of products.

Their products contain 7 main sources that make up this blend of focus. Each of these has a unique additive that makes blend work together. Here is what is in The Focus Blend:

L-Theanine – A green tea extract that provides relaxation without being sedating. Promotes alertness and relaxation, proven synergy with caffeine, and enhanced sleep quality.

L-Tyrosine – An amino acid that curbs stress-induced memory impairment and cognitive fatigue. Promotes enhanced concentration, improved cognitive flexibility, and enhanced function when lacking sleep.

Alpha GPC – Enhances mental focus and increases power output. Promotes the improvement of muscle growth, speeds up physical recovery, improves memory and cognitive function.

Taurine – Improves blood flow, reduces jitteriness, protects against excessive caffeine use. Promotes the reduction of jitters, brain health, and GABA, increases endurance and athletic performance.

Vitamin B6 – Helps with both short and long term memory health. Promotes keeping both your brain and nervous system operating correctly, a stronger immune system, healthy brain function in order adults.

Vitamin B12 – An essential vitamin for memory, focus, and concentration. Promotes increased energy levels, brain/ blood/ nerve health, prevents memory loss.

The caffeine source that is found and is the base ingredient contains the foundation of the high-quality medium ground dark roasted coffee. That will help enhance focus not only on mental tasks but also physical ones, improve the memory, and protects against cognitive decline. It is rich, sweet, and chocolatey.

My thoughts of No Caf:

My first impression of the coffee was the flavor of the dark roast. Why? Because I have had different types of dark roast coffees in the past that were overpowered by the coffee flavor and would hurt my gut. But not with this one, this dark roast blend is gentle and smooth. Great for anyone that suffers is Gerds, IBS, Candida, Gastritis, and stomach acidity problems. The taste of the flavor has a little sweetness that isn't overpowering not like other coffee brands that have a serious kick of flavor within the blend. No Caf is also great if you experience anxiety, panic attacks, stress, ADHD, depression, and other mental disorders. This coffee has helped improve my mood with the seasonal depression and changing of the weather.

Let's begin on this topic that is this post is all about. Anxiety and panic attacks are a serious matter to discuss and to be aware of. I say this because it's something more and more of us are experiencing, but no one is really speaking up about it. So how you deal, manage, and be aware of this topic? I will be going over these key points throughout the post.

My number one tip and most important facts are (a) don't tell the person to snap out of it and just to deal with it (b) comfort them with the support and care they need. If you can do these little things, it will help them out in knowing you are a safe person to go to and rely on.

This mental disorder is something that can lead to other health concerns. Explains can be depression, can make yourself sick with a cold and flu, eating disorders, blood pressure problems, heart problems, loss of sleep, and breathing problems. I know there is more but these are the most common ones that people will experience. And for myself, I do experience a lot of these "aftermath" problems.

There are medications that you can take in order to come this but look into the natural root first before you start prescriptions. What I need by the natural root is to look into essential oils, certain vitamins and supplements, mushroom blends, mediation, yoga, and mindful exercises. But you need the extra boost, talk to your doctor about what is going. Therapy may help as well.

I have found in the past therapy was a huge help and still is to this day. For all of you that have been falling along for a while or a new to N.A.C. I have done 7 different types. They are:

  1. speech

  2. hearing (minor deafness (12%) in my left ear and roughly 68% deaf in the right ear - the right has been getting worse and am seeking guidance/ help with it)

  3. small group

  4. large group

  5. one-on-one

  6. social skills

  7. taps (which is the therapy before rehab)

Seeking help isn't wrong and something you should feel a sense of accomplishment that you are taking proper care of yourself. It's important to take proper care of yourself and not to worry about what others think. So create a list of everything that makes you happy and can relax when feeling anxious and have those panic seek upon you. This will help you control them better.

If you try out NO CAF, please let me know your thoughts.



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