• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

So this a new topic that is being added to Lifestyle Part of the blogs. But excited for this addition. I will be moving across country to Ontario and be living there for half of the summer.

I will be talking and discussing my top tips that I have for you guys who are moving across country for work or school. Since I know school starts end of August to beginning of September. I moving can be a process trying to be organized and have you s**t together. And trust me, there will be those moments you will feel like a headless chicken. Don't worry, I have a solution for that too.

Tips & Tricks: Begin Prepared

  1. have your bill amount of money due for the next couple months ready so you will won't become behind on them

  2. have a moving fund set a side for food, essentials, gas, accommodations, etc while you are moving

  3. make sure your credit card is paid off before you move so you will have that wiggle room if any "serious" or "emergency" happens during your move (ex. your car has a minor issue and needs a small repair)

  4. add any additional upgrades to your phone plan

  5. learn and research the difference in taxes that will be added on to your purchase after the subtotal (it's shocking to see the difference in taxes in British Columbia vs back home in Ontario)

  6. pack up a carry on suitcase of clothing, an extra pair of shoes, jacket, pjs, underwear, socks, bra, a toilet kit, swimsuit (if your motel or hotel has a pool) and a towel. then add anything else you need to this mini list.

  7. have snacks and a water bottle ready to go in the car

  8. plan out your accommodations and where the gas stations are along your route to your new place or school

  9. keep a small garbage can in your car for any trash that ends up in your car

  10. keep all your receipts from moving because you can claim it on your income tax

  11. keep your car organized cause omg it's easier finding stuff

  12. save your coupons to claim along your travel of moving

  13. download music, audio books, and podcasts

  14. keep a blanket in the car to hide some of your belongings if you have to run into a store

  15. get a steering wheel lock for when you car is parked at your accommodation during the night while you are sleeping

Tips & Tricks: No Headless Chicken Stress

  1. create yourself a little pamper kit

  2. chocolate cause duh

  3. be organized and make a list of where everything is located

  4. packing cubes and boxes that keep certain things together

  5. label everything that you will be needing to locate

  6. keep in the touch with friends and family because it help keep your mind off the stress and everything that still needs to get done

  7. hire a moving a company or find friends and family that will be able to help you with your move

  8. get some stress free capsules from the pharmacy

I hope this advice will help you have a safe and smooth move to wherever. This is a new part of your journey, so enjoy and explore all that it has to offer. Enjoy this new transition in your life.



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