• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I thought I would create this post to help you find out a little bit more about me.

1. I can write with both hands (my right hand is one I use more)

2. I'm blind in the corner of my right eye since birth

3. Partly deaf in my right ear

4. DEADLY SCARED of german shepherds (was attacked by one from my right side and bite a small chunk of the ear off the top so I'm missing a bit of cartilage there and have a small scar behind my ear lobe as well)

5. Can't do heights especially the stairs that you can see through them but flying is okay

6. Have Bursitis in my left knee

7. I have been driving since I was 15 years old

8. Have Candida (overproduction of bad yeast in the body)

9. Love sushi

10. Use to work at Walmart for little over 4 and a half years before quitting due to me finishing college and getting a job with my certification

11. I have 15 of certifications

12. I’m baptized as a Christian and got it done at one of the local churches over in Lions Head, Ontario

13. Done 15 years total of professional ballet and trained with one of the HIGHEST ballet companies in Russian for 3 months at the dance studio I was going to

14. The other types of dance I’m was trained regionally was Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Temporary, Lyrical, and little Acro

15. Did 5 years of gymnastics

Now you know a few more facts about me and help content to me a bit more easier.



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