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About Me

Hey Nomad Crew! I'm Meg, the founder and CEO of Nomad Adventures Co & Nomadic Waves Photography. 

I started and created this business to inspire others through travel, lifestyle, business, and self-growth. Each of these categories cover a specific topic and variety of content that is provided to you on any mobile device. As traveling is a big part of where N.A.C. came from, I created a separate page called Travel here on the website for all the travel photography that is involved with the blog posts. Over on the blog section of the website, I will cover Lifestyle, Business, and Self-growth. All three of these topics, everyone is going through something. Like with self-growth; individuals that are going through therapy, need help over coming something, or even going through something, this will be a good section for you to read. Lifestyle is full of independence and navigating the “adult” world. And finally, business, this is the newest category I have added in this year. It will focus on business tips and tricks, hacks, how to work in the social media world, how to start working with brands and companies, and how to even start running your own business some day or if are currently taking the steps to starting one now.

As I know from being in this industry, everyone is different and has their own interests of what they look for in a website and company to follow along with. I offer a variety of different materials that make up N.A.C.

Hope you enjoy.

Lake at Dusk


Hi there Nomad Crew. I'm certified in Hospitality Fundamentals with Tourism & Business. Within my experiences as a content creator, I create content through Blogging, YouTube, and Photography. I also work with different companies on Instagram (@megalison_) as a affiliate. I also mentor clients to start their own blog and business.


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